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Is your concrete patio or driveway cracking? Give GTR Concrete Contractors Gainesville a call to help restore it to its previously beautiful state. Concrete can develop cracks after years of exposure to rather extreme weather – like the hot and rainy weather we endure here in Gainesville for most of the year. We can give you a free estimate if you call or simply fill
the quote form to the right of this text.

Depending on the extent of the damage, you may want to consider demolition and replacing the entire structure as opposed to patching it up. However, we’re always willing to work with you regarding cost. We have plenty of experience with refurbishing projects as well.

GTR Concrete Contractors Gainesville has a multitude of different concrete mixes to choose from but don’t worry!
We’re happy to advise you which is most suitable given your particular situation and application. Choose the right mix can help increase the longevity of your structure.

You have a standard concrete mix. You want to use this for non-decorative structures but be warned that this type of concrete has the highest risk of getting damaged eventually.
You also have architectural or decorative concrete. You generally use this for structures that have detail and need more reinforcement.
But there are even more types that go beyond that as well. If you’re curious, give us a call and we’d be happy discuss the many different options with you.
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