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If you think concrete you probably think driveways or sidewalks but that’s not the only place we can make a major impact! There are many places we can make an impact – some may even surprise you. And it doesn’t even stop at patios.
Outdoor backyard concrete jobs are some of our favorites because they’re fun to complete. Our customers often want some kind of space to relax – a bar, a pool, a fire pit area. We can do all that and more. And we’re not limited the the typical examples just listed. If you have an unique idea we’d love to hear it and help you bring that dream to life. You might not even realize that concrete is what you’re looking for in such a project!
If you’re looking to add an awesome space in your ainesville backyard that not only creates fun for the family but also increases the value of your home, we can help! Enjoy the cooler weather in the fall and winter or relax by the pool in the summer. Regardless, we have what you’re looking for.
If you have a wood patio it will need replacing eventually because it will rot or become warped. It comes with the territory. Patios used to be made of stone or concrete, which are built to last. It has only been recently that wood patios have gained opularity. Inevitably, people realized that wood decks and patios were not nearly as durable. So the trend is shifting back to the original concrete patios due to their longetivity, affordability and beauty. A stamped concrete patio will be there forever. It’s a place where you will forge memories. You don’t want that kind of place to rot away.
Here are some of the outdoor concrete projects we’ve successfully completed in the past – and the kind we’d love to talk to you about today!
What about the surrounding area for you pool? You want something both beautiful and functional and we have years of experience making sure that
happens. We can stamp it or make sure it’s the color of your liking. Imagine your kids in a beautiful play area around the backyard pool. We can also add pavers for a more sophisticated look.
What outdoor patio or pool area is complete without a bar area? It’s a great place to create a beautiful romantic ambience in the backyard. String up some lights and design a charming little space. These types of projects are so much fun for us because we can just imagine how much fun we’d have in the spot ourselves. Adding an outdoor bar area is much cheaper than adding an addition on your home. We work with you to make sure that your design ideas are met when you hire us!
Complete that outdoor bar area with a concrete countertop. A permanent place to grill and serve your friends and family is the ultimate addition to any home. And don’t worry there are many many styles that we have completed in the past. We can surely match what you have in mind.
A fire pit is the perfect fall or winter place to cozy up with friends and family. It can warm up an outdoor party and set the mood for great conversation. We’ll make sure to work with you to ensure that it’s within the city’s ordinances and we’ll design it in a way that you’ll absolutely love. It can be concrete, stone or a combination of the two!
Ever heard of an outdoor fire table? It might be just what you’re looking for. They stand about the height of a coffee table and enhance the fire put area by providing and place to set your phones, drinks, blankets etc. If you’re looking for something different that adds luxury to a fire pit, we recommend the fire table!
We can even do recreationally spaces such as splash pads or basketball courts for community areas.


There are many advantages to installing a concrete surface. If you are considering adding an outdoor patio or other outdoor area, let the experts at GTR Concrete Contractors Gainesville discuss with you the many options you have and why concrete is a great choice for practically any project.

Considering pavers? Pavers can allows grass and weeds to grow up between them.
Wood? You’ll need to stain and seal it frequently to prevent it from rotting. They can also bend and warp.
The major advantage of concrete is its low maintenance and super high durability. You want to build things to last. Considering the price, it’s a no-brainer when you realize how long it lasts.
Call us today to discuss why concrete is a great choice for your next outdoor project!
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