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If you’ve ever driven through a nice neighborhood and noticed that not all driveways are created equal and thought to yourself “I want that,” you’ve found the correct web page. We are the master of concrete driveways in Gainesville, FL. We offer a variety of concrete driveway layouts and are willing to work with you if you happen to have your own design in mind.
While we do install plain concrete driveways, you should know that plain concrete driveways have a high risk of cracking. Ifthat happens – or if that’s you! – we do offer concrete repair services. However, we recommend that if you’re installing a new concrete driveway why not make it a little bit more beautiful and long-lasting?
Perhaps the most luxurious option would be to go with a decorative concrete driveway. These are the driveways alluded to in the first sentence of this webpage. They’re actually known for enhanced durability but their true life expectancy depends on the craftmanship of the contractor. So if you’re looking for premium quality, give us a call!
Pro tip: never use a deicer on this type of driveway. Any products that contain ammonium nitrates or sulfates will undoubtedly end up leaving your driveway a cracked mess.
Second pro tip: Seal your concrete every two years but not more often than that! That could also damage your beautiful decorative concrete driveway and Gainesville deserves to be as beautiful as possible!
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