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    A sidewalk, patio, or driveway with cracked or broken concrete can detract from the visual appeal of a home. Plus, sections of uneven, broken concrete have the potential to cause injury to visitors and others.
    We are a reliable concrete contractor Gainesville who expertly repairs, restores, and installs all types of concrete surfaces. Discover more about our expert services and why we are the go-to source for concrete in Gainesville FL.

    What is Concrete Repair?

    Over time, a concrete sidewalk, patio, or driveway can develop cracks and other types of damage. This can be a result of moisture, changes in temperature or settling ground.
    At our professional concrete repair Gainesville, we understand the importance of examining the area for underlying structural issues before making the appropriate repairs. Unlike other contractors who provide temporary fixes, we provide long-lasting concrete repairs that improve the look of a driveway, sidewalk, patio, etc.

    What is Concrete Restoration?

    Concrete restoration and concrete repair sound a lot alike, but there is a difference. Like concrete repair, the process of concrete restoration fixes structural problems. However, concrete restoration puts a special focus on making the area look just as it did before it sustained damage. This is especially valuable to homeowners who loved the original look of their patio or walkway.
    So, when you hire us for concrete restoration Gainesville you can have your driveway, patio, walkway, or other area of concrete looking just as good as it did before!

    The Benefits of Concrete


    Concrete is a strong material made to endure heavy use. This makes it an ideal material for a driveway with cars and trucks pulling in an out each day.
    Also, it’s an excellent choice for a sidewalk with heavy traffic in the form of walking, bicycles, and scooters. We can install a driveway or concrete sidewalk Gainesville that is both strong and attractive.
    Cement is another type of strong material with an adhesive quality. It contains calcium, clay, and limestone. However, when used on its own, cement has a tendency to crack. But, when put into a mixture to make concrete it creates a strong material. The presence of cement in concrete gives a walkway, patio, or driveway even more strength and durability.

    A Long Life

    Concrete is made to endure 50 plus years of use. Other material such as asphalt is less durable than concrete. So, when a homeowner hires us to install a patio, driveway, or concrete flooring Gainesville, they know we’re using material designed to last a very long time.

    Low Maintenance

    Another benefit of concrete in Gainesville FL is its low maintenance. In other words, it maintains its appearance without a lot of cleaning attention.
    As a note, sometimes it’s necessary to degrease an area of concrete. For instance, a concrete driveway could take on grease from a parked car leaking oil. The concrete driveway would need to be degreased to renew its appearance.
    Otherwise, sweeping and even spraying concrete with a hose to remove dried mud or dirt is the only maintenance attention necessary for your walkway, patio or concrete driveway Gainesville.

    Creative Options

    At first glance, the words creative and concrete don’t seem to
    fit together. But concrete can have a very creative design. stamped concrete Gainesville that displays the design of an animal or an object such as a compass. GTR concrete Gainesville can take care of your stamped, decorative, stained, sealed and/or polished concrete needs!

    Concrete stamping work can be done at the time the concrete flooring or patio is installed. Alternatively, stamping can be done as an overlay to an existing concrete surface as long as the surface is in excellent condition. Our stamping work can make a concrete patio Gainesville an even more inviting place to spend time with friends and family.

    Modern Style

    When a homeowner gets concrete flooring Gainesville, they are installing flooring that adds to the modern appearance of their home. Whether the concrete flooring is stamped with an intricate design or left with a flat, smooth surface, this type of flooring has a lot of visual appeal. It’s no longer the flat, dull surface it used to be.
    In addition, if a homeowner is thinking about selling, a concrete floor can be one of the highlights on the home’s listing that’s sure to grab the attention of buyers.


    When most people think of concrete, they picture a driveway. Maybe they think of the driveway in front of their childhood home or the residential driveways throughout a neighborhood where they used to live. No surprise. Concrete is a traditional material for driveways. But, concrete is also used for patios, walkways, pool decks and flooring. Today’s homeowners can use their imagination and creativity when working with concrete to make their residence look exactly the way they want.

    Why Hire Our Concrete Contractors?

    Experienced Professionals

    When you hire us, you’re working with an experienced
    concrete contractor in Gainesville. We take pride in our work and never resort to shortcuts that can lower the quality of the work. Regardless of whether we are repairing, restoring, or installing concrete, we follow the proper steps, so the job gets done right.

    Expert Tools and Supplies

    We know that getting the job done right means having the proper tools and supplies. So, we bring a fully stocked truck with all of the tools and supplies we need for concrete paving Gainesville. From shovels to trowels, bull floats to edgers, we have a collection of tools that fit the size and scope of the project. We keep up with the latest equipment and methods in our industry to give our customers the very best service.

    Work Done with Efficiency

    Whether we’re repairing a short concrete walkway or installing a 20-foot driveway, we take pride in the quality of our concrete paving Gainesville. Of course, we know that having a driveway installed or a concrete patio restored can be disruptive to the normal routine of a household. So, we go about our work with swift efficiency while making sure everything is done right. When we provide residential concrete for Gainesville, we want to leave behind an area of concrete you can be proud of!

    All Questions Answered

    When a homeowner in Gainesville hires us to install, repair or restore concrete, they are likely to have some questions about the project. We are more than happy to answer any questions a homeowner has at any point in the process. We want our customers to feel at ease with the process and, most importantly, be happy with the result.

    Courteous and Respectful Service

    We arrive at the scheduled time for starting the project. And, when the project is finished, we clean up any debris or other mess we create. We are respectful of both your time and your property. Our goal is to leave you with a favorable impression
    of our company. We value the opinion of our neighbors and customers in Gainesville and the surrounding area.
    So, whether you need an area of concrete installed, repaired, or restored, our concrete contractor Gainesville is ready to take on the project! Contact our offices today and tell us how we can improve the look of your property.